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  • Anointing Your Weakness

    Anointing Your Weakness

    God wants to anoint your weakness. That way we know it was impossible for us to do and God gets all the glory! My grace is sufficient for you for My power is made perfect in our weakness. (2 Cor. 12:9)Examples: 1. Saul to Paul – “Jesus came to save sinners of whom I am…

  • Entering Rest and the Promises of God

    Entering Rest and the Promises of God

    One day as Alan and I were walking around the block in our neighborhood we noticed a man from a mowing service mowing a neighbor’s yard. He stopped his mower and pointed at us as we walked by and in a loud voice yelled, “I see the rest of God on you according to Hebrews…

  • Where is your Treasure?

    Where is your Treasure?

    Not until we returned to Texas from living in Kansas City for 2 years did we notice a lot of the people in Texas had the same bondage we formerly had of acquiring things to anesthetize themselves and avoid their issues. There seemed to be a spirit of materialism over Texas compared to the tradition…

  • A Desert Experience

    A Desert Experience

    A story in my life on our journey 15 years previously: Before going on our anniversary trip to Copper Mountain, I had a dream. I was biking through a nice neighborhood and came to a hill with Alan. He was able to get over it but I was struggling and just pedaling in place with…

  • Identifying with Joseph

    Identifying with Joseph

    What works God has called you to do are impossible to do in your own strength. God is preparing you for ministry. He is still fulfilling His promise to you. He has to make you strong and mature to withstand the pressures of the world. Just like in the life of Joseph, after he dreamed…

  • Outside the Gates

    Outside the Gates

    It is an essential part of the Christian life to lose your reputation of the world. It needs to be on your resume’. I can remember in my life it was hard for me to say “no”. That is a problem-if you want to be pleasing and not rejected sometimes not saying no or anything…

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