Category: Surrender

  • Outside the Gates

    Outside the Gates

    It is an essential part of the Christian life to lose your reputation of the world. It needs to be on your resume’. I can remember in my life it was hard for me to say “no”. That is a problem-if you want to be pleasing and not rejected sometimes not saying no or anything…

  • Your Personal Peniel

    Your Personal Peniel

    As you encounter larger trials in the Christian life, you must either decide to be ever vigilant and relentless in your self-protection or surrender that responsibility to God and trust in His oversight. There are no other choices, because inevitably, in your response to larger problems, you’ll attempt to venture further and further into the…

  • Letting Christ Live Through Us

    Letting Christ Live Through Us

    I watched a moving dvd the other night about some monks at a monastery in Bosnia. They were on a mission to this little village of poor people. They represented peace and defended the weak against the invading Islamic terrorists. Tension rose after the guerillas slaughtered some of the residents of the village. The monks…