A Desert Experience

A Desert Experience

A story in my life on our journey 15 years previously: Before going on our anniversary trip to Copper Mountain, I had a dream. I was biking through a nice neighborhood and came to a hill with Alan. He was able to get over it but I was struggling and just pedaling in place with no progress. I saw this girl from high school pedal by us. I wanted to find out about she and her husband and told Alan to go ahead and catch her and ask how they were doing. In the meantime, I would try to conquer this hill and hoped to by the time he returned. The couple’s names were Kristi Turner and Dave Journey. When Alan returned, he reported that Turner had divorced Journey. That symbol would prove significant because Turner had “divorced” or given up the journey.

As we drove to Colorado, Alan was looking back and having lots of regrets of not ending up financially successful and providing for his family as he had hoped. He was speaking negative things and his frustration with the call of God on his life. I knew he was thinking of “divorcing the journey” and going back to his secular job. When we got to Copper, God gave me a dream. I was pregnant at 52 years old. I knew Alan wouldn’t want to raise a baby all over again as our sons were older and grown. In the dream I saw Sarah from the bible who was also pregnant in her older age (her hair was almost white). I asked her what would I do about this since my husband wouldn’t want a child at my age? She pointed her finger in my face and said, “Rest! Don’t worry, she continued, because many people would adopt this baby and help raise it up. I know now that dream symbol of being pregnant is often pregnant with a spiritual growth and in my case I was pregnant with a baby of rest. I was to cease from striving and enter His rest as Hebrews 4 mentions and that many would need to do this and trust God to carry them, “adopting rest”.

The next day before leaving for home, I was jogging with the huge mountains beside me and a lake and highway to my left. I was venting a bit to God that I had hung on to His promises and tried to encourage my whole family but unless He gave me a sign to continue in faith, I couldn’t go on! I was exhausted! As I waited in silence, He spoke, “Good! Now I can take over! You see, Holly, I have to carry you your last leg to My promise and your destiny. You can’t accomplish it without Me! Now look up to the highway!” Right as I glanced to my left there was a moving van with the title “Covenant Transport!” There was the sign I asked for. “It’s my promise Holly, I began the call and will carry you to the completion.”

This was the training to come to the end of myself in trying to accomplish my own call and have my Peniel or wrestling with God to let the government of my life be on His shoulders. I learned to trust His way over my own…I had a prophecy later that said you have heard of beauty to ashes but you had ashes to beauty. You had a death to self first then beauty.

I believe God is giving you the experiences you need right now to back up what you know in the knowledge of the bible.
May I pray for you?
Thank you that You who have begun a good work in us will carry it to completion. Help us to cease striving to accomplish our own calling and enter into Your rest. Help us to trust You and Your timing for our maturity. Help us to enjoy the journey and gain the wisdom and revelation You intend for us to help all those coming in our path!
In Jesus name,






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