“This is not a teaching about facts but the Holy Spirit changing us.  Holly knows what she is talking about because she has plowed the ground, preparing the way for others.”

Colleen Foshee – Booming Women

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“Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide her, Holly’s teaching “The Cracked Pot” conveys Gods desire for His children to find freedom. This is a balanced and sound biblical teaching, on how we find freedom by allowing God to work within our painful experiences from the past. Holly’s humbled heart and complete transparency awakened in me a thirst for God’s truth in a new way. This teaching is a must for anyone with a desire for a true spiritual awakening.”

Rhonda Parker

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“Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the session with Holly Smith entitled “The Cracked Pot.” Since I don’t have a sister, I have never experienced some of the things that Holly did. I thought it was wonderful the way the Lord revealed to her EXACTLY how to overcome the inferiority and competing with her sister for attention.

I think this is something we all experience at one time or another; even though it is not necessarily a family member. I could tell that Holly had conquered this “thing” within herself. Also, I think that this is a good message for this time especially for women. The enemy is using EVERY TACTIC possible to keep us “submerged” below the surface of any feelings that he can use. I felt that her testimony is a great message for the hour that we are in now. If the enemy can keep us down with these feelings, then we can never become or be used by God the way He intended. I also felt within myself that this is actually a ministry that could bloom.

I felt that Holly should write a book called “The Cracked Pot.” I believe God confirmed this when she actually discovered pottery that was cracked and then transformed into a beautiful piece of pottery. So, for me I really enjoyed her testimony Amen!”

Carelynne Johnson

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Holly Smith, You are the best looking “cracked pot” I know! Your eagerness to encourage others and share with them the best God has to offer is simply beautiful.”

Angie Monroe

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