Holly Smith is the founder of Hidden Voices Ministries, a speaking group which originated as a pilot group in her church. Colleen Foshee was instrumental in helping her organize, lead, and encourage the group.

While attending a women’s conference in 2008 and hearing other women speak, Holly felt a strong impression that she also must begin to tell her story. She envisioned a speaking group where women’s lives would be revived as they shared their individual journeys and God’s faithfulness to them.

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She implemented a simple format to draw women to speak transparently in a loving, accepting atmosphere. The purpose was to cause women to experience the redemptive potential in the hardships they had endured and to give courage and hope to others to overcome.

Holly knew that everyone had a unique contribution to make. Collectively each women’s story formed a tapestry of God’s wisdom. Holly became energized because of the response women had to this format and the growth she observed in their development. Holly sees great potential in others and is passionate about activating the gift of speaking in women.