Speaking Topics

Living Your Own Identity

Holly was born into a very capable family searching for her own identity and giftedness. She learned to recognize obstacles such as the enemy of comparison that robbed and distracted her from her own destiny. Striving to live up to another’s standards drove Holly to discover her true self and mission. She acquired a newly minted sense of well-being and security only found in Christ. Holly enjoys sharing this secret and the broken pot mystery. God wants to exchange our weakness for his strength and our failures for His glory.

Discipline or Pruning?

Do you know the difference between discipline and pruning? A friend’s timely insight instilled hope and comfort that Holly was on the right track to be fruitful and not to fall away, despite her seemingly hopeless circumstances. God introduced two tools to shift a change in her thinking and help her become less so He can become greater.

Great for mature believers and leaders.

Persevering Faith

In Biblical times, the Israelites went through seasons of testing before reaching the Promised Land. Holly gives vivid illustrations from her own journey and Biblical principles as incentive to hang on to your faith even when exhaustion, doubt, and the enemy oppose you. She encourages others to persevere to their spiritual destination because our covenant keeping God is faithful.

Do You Have a Strong Foundation?

Are you built on the rock or sinking sand? This testimony demonstrates why it is important to follow God’s principles before and after marriage so that no storm can threaten your house.

Great for pre-marriage and marrieds.

Spencer’s Faith

As a young mother, Holly sometimes took her toddlers for granted and wanted time to herself. God taught her valuable character building lessons of responsibility and stewardship of these precious gifts He had given her. He challenged her heart to trust Him and surrender her sons back to Him in crisis. Bring your kleenex for this one.

For all mothers.

God’s Surprising Perspective

God is for women. He has an exciting role for us to play in the season ahead. He plans to make us counterparts to our husbands. Holly loves to share what happened on her trip to Israel and the Biblical instruction God used to accomplish this objective in her life. God definitely jumped out of the box she had Him in!

For all ages married.


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