Letting Christ Live Through Us

I watched a moving dvd the other night about some monks at a monastery in Bosnia. They were on a mission to this little village of poor people. They represented peace and defended the weak against the invading Islamic terrorists. Tension rose after the guerillas slaughtered some of the residents of the village. The monks were in grave danger if they continued to stay at their post. Jesus wouldn’t have abandoned the sheep to the wolves. The villagers needed their support, supplies, and medicine.

In the next few days, the monks prayed in anguish what to do. A younger monk posed the question of why should they lose their lives for no reason? The elder leader responded, “You’ve already died to your own life when you chose to follow Jesus. How should we expect more than the way he left this world?”

On another note, lately I have pondered my own message of the gospel and speaking. I have noticed some incredibly gifted speakers. I then explored the passage in Exodus 3 where three times Moses spoke negatively about his unskilled speech. God commanded him to go and let Him be his mouth and teach him what to say. Paul confessed he did not come with eloquent speech but a demonstration of God’s power. He did not claim intellectual prowess. Paul had already quit impressing the world with all its ambitions and flattery. He laid it down and knew a crown awaited him. He never lost his motive or focus. Paul surrendered his life. He knew the sufferings of this present time wouldn’t be compared with the joy awaiting him. Paul had a message to convey; it wasn’t polished. His goal was to win Christ’s approval and others to Him.

We must be true actors in our play, coming to terms with our flaws and inabilities. Transcending our insecurities and taking courage to continue giving out, is a pleasing sacrifice to God. Can we improve and grow in the area of speaking, yes! In the meantime, we may feel the frailties of Paul, who surrendered and asked God to fill him, and work through him. Paul concentrated on the message God wanted expressed, not his skill or delivery. Content and sincerity of heart is more important than form. It’s risky to be us.

Remember like the monks, you’ve already died and you now live your life by faith in Christ. Bring God glory. Follow the dream you’ve long feared.

Lord, help us to keep our eyes focused on you and the message you want spoken. We surrender for you to fill us, use us, put your words in our mouths, work through us. We give self-consciousness to you. Help us to be cognizant of delivering your message only and bringing you glory. In Jesus name, AMEN







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