Passing the Torch

My spiritual role is evolving from keeper of the flame to passing the torch. This process requires me to subordinate my own interests to the interests of my sons as well as the next generation. It is a circumcision of sorts; a process God has designated to maintain parity between my spirit and my aging body. God wants me to mature. I am going to age. I need to clarify my purpose and attitude to keep in step with God’s expectation and hope that I move into an expanded spiritual role. It requires me to willingly endure the reduction of self-gratification in my life, in order to inherit an expanded fathering and oversight role in my family and community.

I am beginning to look at aging people differently as I become one. I realize as a fellow sojourner that the pain, tribulation, and turmoil of living in a fallen race, one under assault by an invisible enemy, has taken its toll on me and others. I am beginning to empathize genuinely with those faceless disaster victims on the news. I am beginning to look people in the eyes when they talk to me-all people. I am beginning to hear things in conversations of others, that incredibly I was previously oblivious to. I can say, in all sincerity, I am coming to a point where, when someone is doing well, my competitive nature is no longer aroused. After enough personal difficulty, you are truly grateful when something GOOD happens to anyone, anywhere.

When I see others who carry brokenness well, I am strengthened by it. The only permanent contribution that can be achieved by a man is spiritual. We need to remind each other of that truth we so casually confess. LIFE is found in a single activity, building the KINGDOM of GOD .  Every other endeavor is simply building a sand castle.

If, at this point, you have failed to accurately discern what is real, what is eternal, what is important -STOP ; REPENT. I need (your) help to midwife our family and church into an unwavering resolve to participate in God’s eternal process-the cross, especially at this time in history. I want to meet more of those men of Issachar, (1Chron. 12:32, who understood the times, and knew what Israel must do), to help strengthen my own convictions in this hour. I want to be united with people who understand they must surrender their claim on upward mobility and personal achievement to spend the only valuable currency they possess,  TIME. I want to participate in building the only indestructible kingdom I will ever encounter, The Kingdom of God.






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