Where Did the Time Go?

Where did the time go? This week I met with a girl who thanked me for connecting her to a group that was blessing her.

Without praying about it, I wondered aloud if I could sit in and be a part too. The group would consist of gifted, enthusiastic women, writing their stories. She told me she would check with them. I knew it would be motivating to hear their stories and write together.

Right after I asked to join and hung up the phone, I heard a voice shouting, “N-N-N-N-O-O-O-O!”

So later I wrote my friend and withdrew my request and apologized if I invited myself to her group.

It suddenly hit me. I am not their peer. Who am I kidding? I must be at least twelve years older than most of them.

I have been writing a book for probably ten years or longer. Learning to organize, follow through, and finish such an elephant has been my problem.

I finally feel inspired enough to try to tackle such a momentous task in between life, family, church groups, meetings, etc.

I continue to feel young at heart and have kept myself fit but sometimes reality hits that you aren’t so young anymore and opportunity usually goes to a younger group.

Where did the time go?

I can’t go back. I must conquer this-alone, with God really.

Then a song came to mind this morning by Patty Griffin from the album “Children Running Through” called “I Don’t Ever Give Up.” God will help me. Here are the first and last stanza lyrics-

“I’m no kid in a kid’s game,
Did what I did-got no one to blame.
But I don’t give up,
I don’t ever give up.
That’s all I got,
It’s my claim to fame.

I cleaned, I washed up,
This dream, I don’t ever give up,
I don’t ever give up-
No, I don’t ever give up…”






4 responses to “Where Did the Time Go?”

  1. Margo Carmichael Avatar
    Margo Carmichael

    Good word for me! God gave me many little encouraging blessings, but I keep getting “No, thanks,” from eds and agents. I’m still waiting and listening. God bless!

    1. hollysmith Avatar

      Eventually we’ll win if we don’t give up, right? Will pray for your endeavors’ success-Bless you!

  2. Lisa Ramsey Avatar
    Lisa Ramsey

    Holly I’ve often thought that it is those who have been walking with the Lord for a good long while that makes His best servants. I really believe that. God’s been giving you stuff for the last several decades for a time such as this. To give to other people. Now that’s what I call opportunity!

  3. Holly Smith Avatar

    Thanks Lisa,

    I’m going for it girl-thanks for the encouragement!

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