A Faithful Friend

Judy was a faithful friend. She reminded me of someone like Mary that pondered and treasured up things in her heart as well as believed what the Lord had said would be accomplished.
Even in the thick of the battle for her life this last week, when the Is. 53:5 scripture was read, she rose up in her bed and pointed to say, “Yes, count me in–by His stripes, I am healed.”
Judy had a passion for healing. When we would finish praying for those who came into the healing rooms, she was discreet but couldn’t wait to hear the tallies-any salvations? referrals? healings? improvements?
I remember her sharing that it took a few years to get the healing scripture truths down into her spirit but once she had–it came easy to inspire others to have faith for healing.
We got to spend a night together in Granbury with two other girls last summer. She talked about the way God was moving in her family’s life. She was so grateful and noted God’s goodness. Even though she worked full time, she would call and say that she didn’t want to neglect anyone in our group and she and Don would make a special trip over to a member’s house to pray for them.
Judy was a positive, encouraging listener. She loved to hear stories of breakthroughs or things God was doing in others’ lives. I remember her saying, “Holly is pursuing her dreams,” and she was happy for me.
A humble servant with a sterling character, I never heard Judy say one negative thing about anyone. She seemed to be humbly unaware how powerful she was in God’s kingdom and with what quiet authority she walked in.
On my jog Sunday morning I began to sing one of her favorite songs before going to the hospital. “I believe you’re my healer, I believe you’re more than enough for me.”
We don’t understand such a thing that happened to our friend but we know she is healed and helping to administer healing from heaven now and that He is more than enough for her. She would want us to keep praying for the sick and believe by His wounds we are healed. Thank you Judy for all the fruit and seeds of faith you have left in our lives.







2 responses to “A Faithful Friend”

  1. Colleen Foshee Avatar

    I wish I had known her Holly – but I will one day – when I reach heaven too. She’s still alive, only more so now. Praying for her family to be able to wait in peace until they see her again. {{hugs to you}}

  2. Michelle Bentham Avatar

    I sat with Judy at the Connect Conference where we served together at the Pastor’s Pre-Conference dinner.

    She and I had an hour to just sit and chat for the first time since I had first exchanged emails with her on staff at Gateway. She became an immediate heart friend. We shared our stories and enjoyed each others company all evening. I looked forward to really getting to know Judy better in the days that would follow. I could hardly believe two weeks later when I was sitting in the sanctuary among my grief stricken co-workers, rejoicing over the life she lived, but saddened by her absence.

    Thank you for sharing about Judy. She is a jewel in the crown of our Father, and heaven is richer since she made the journey home.


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