Word in Due Season

Here is what I was impressed to record 1-10-19:
sunset-144545__340Is it not because I have long been silent that you do not fear me? I am being aroused and awakened in this hour. I will no longer be silent. There will be a reverence and fear of the Lord reinstated this year. There will be evidence all around of my fingerprints on world events as well as personal guidance. This is an hour of vindication for those who have walked loyally with Me. Humility is of utmost importance at this time to point to Me and bring Me glory. As I am lifted up in praise, I will draw all men to Myself through you. Have My word stored up in your heart and on your lips to give out my truth on a moment’s notice and make a stand on who I am and what I have done in your lives. Remember you overcome by the word of your testimony. You were once lost and now you are found in Me! Love one another deeply from the heart. The world knew the disciples by their love for each other. The world needs love and that can only come from you that are rooted and grounded in My love. Spread My love and great joy and fulfillment will be yours-My presence will dwell in you and you will change atmospheres wherever you go.

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