Deliver My Message: Word in Due Season

images-3Psalms 56:8 Record my lament list my tears on your scroll-

Are they not in your record?

There is a time and a season where all you have done and stood for will make sense and fulfillment of what you’ve hoped for will come to pass. You have everything you need for the next season with Me. It is time for your assignment and ripe for those who are wise to receive your message. Are you ready? I am the God of the seen and unseen things and I have planted my word and seeds in you that I want shared. Just like Ezekiel, at times you will be sent to a stubborn people but you are only asked to deliver my message so that those will be warned and have a chance to turn to the Truth. Then it will be off your hands. You are my representatives-come into my presence to escape the enemy and experience peace and strength and instruction. Declare your faith in Me to defend yourself against the enemy’s fiery darts. Love and comfort my people in this tumultuous time.

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One Response to Deliver My Message: Word in Due Season

  1. Ann O'Connor says:

    Good word Holly. Fortunately like you said we don’t have to make any one agree with us. We just have to make sure we give them a chance to hear. Sometimes painful to be rejected though

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