“I found that the very obstacles which prevented my way became the path to my freedom.”

— Holly Smith

Just like the Patriarchs, I believe we go through a season which tests our faith and hearts before we reach our Promised land. My journey through the desert, which means “place of the speaking” in Hebrew, was a time where God had my full attention. God moved in my life at this time to change my whole way of thinking and rebuild my foundation on His principles. He healed wounds, taught me who He made me to be, strengthened my role in my marriage, showed me my responsibility to bring up Godly offspring, and how to love all different types of people. I learned to follow His lead and be obedient.

I love to share the messages God put on my heart to help prepare others for seasons of change. He wants to remove obstacles that might hinder the time it takes to enter your destiny and desires to turn all your mountains into roads of travel for others. He awakens truths in our lives to set us free. I pray women will be given courage, hope, and experience authenticity through these messages.

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