Turning all Your Mountains into Roads of Travel

27657362_10215220518450056_9152352819134650825_n I will turn all my mountains into roads of travel. (Is. 49:11)
God will make our obstacles serve His purpose. We all have mountains in our lives and often they are people and things that threaten to block our spiritual progress. The obstacles may be untruths told about us, a difficult occupation, a “thorn in the flesh.” We think if they were removed we would live a more pure life. But these are the very conditions we need for achievement, and they have been put in our lives as the means of producing the gifts and qualities for which we have been praying. The only way genuine patience can be acquired is by enduring the very trials that seem so unbearable today. Remember they are God’s mountains and He put them there for a reason but He will never fail to keep His promise.
The purpose of our trials is not only to test our worthiness but also to increase it, just as the mighty oak is tested by the storms as well as strengthened by them. (anonymous)

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