I am reminded today of a dream from the past. I believe it could apply to all of us.

I am running a horse out of our house. I quit feeding it. The horse was fine and would find food in a pasture but would no longer be my “pet”.

Next scene:
A photographer was filming an eagle going through a molting process. In the end the eagle had brand new feathers and would soar again.

horse-represents striving in our own strength and effort
quit feeding it-I had starved this fleshly tendency and it would find food elsewhere
Despite the great strength of this animal, it cannot save or deliver me in my circumstances. (Ps. 33:17)
driving it out of our “house”-we are each the house or temple of God-no longer relying on our own abilities to save us

Next scene interpretation:
eagle symbol-clear perception, supernatural transportation, high flying, ability of the mind to reach spiritual realms
molting process-an eagle gets very scruffy and weak before the old is sloughed off and the new plumage comes in for renewal

Do you want to drive the horse out of your house and let your weakness give way to God’s strength? Do you believe you can be renewed as you hope and trust in the Lord? Are you in a “molting” process and getting ready for new feathers? Would you like to run and not grow weary? (Is. 40:31) Then you are about to birth your “Isaac”, the most excellent, chosen, child of faith and promise by His Spirit.

Let’s drive the horse out of our houses, rest in the Lord and in the land He has granted us. We will abide in His supernatural ability to soar to new heights as we become empowered to walk by His Spirit. You are about to experience in this new year the great exchange: His power for our weakness and dependence. Sounds like a fair deal! Are you ready?

May I pray for you?
Lord, if your presence and power do not go with us, we do not want to go. Only by your presence can we be distinguished as your people. Fill us, change us, renew our minds in the truth of your Word that we may make the great exchange: your power and strength for our weakness! Help us to depend on you for all we do that the aroma of Christ might follow us and we might be recognized as your representatives. We stand on this scripture: “My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest.” (Exodus 33:14)

Help us to accomplish all the things you have planned through us! Amen

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