Old Faithful

-n2oUWXb9FIRYb6NnKxdC4lmEwfOGNygcl8RsRJSlYS8idCIf0quDHD1jVxfQEoFMILGGg=s127“A horse is a vain hope for deliverance; despite all its strength it cannot save. But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.”
(Ps. 33:17)

This experience happened a few years ago but I was reminded of God’s faithfulness. The horse has served as a symbol to us often of man’s own strength and striving. My husband was trying to provide for his family but the more he tried, the more unsuccessful he became until God had our attention. It seems when God wants to recruit you in His army He won’t take later for an answer. He heals us in order for us to become disciples and help others and teaches us to trust Him for provision.

As we pondered the “dead horse” of our vocation, a ministry opportunity came up which Alan accepted. We were fortunate in working from the house to be able to do projects on the side. He was still very concerned about our finances at the time.

One morning our friend in ministry called to check on us. Alan told him he was still anxious. Jack said he had been thinking about us this morning and prayed that an angel of provision was on its way. We agreed with that prayer.

Three days later Alan’s boss called and let us know a deal had closed that he had worked on much earlier and a check was in the mail. We realized his boss did not really have to even tell Alan that he was the one who had this client. We would have never known. A deal closed that was not even our effort to push it through. In the meantime as he began to serve more, God blessed us and helped us trust Him to work out things for our family.

That night I had a dream: we got to take a trip to Yellowstone, Montana at that time which is one of our favorite places. We drove into the National Park to see Old Faithful perform. We would then stay at Old Faithful lodge.
God is the Old Faithful geyser we are coming to see perform His wonders. He is faithful and consistently meets us when we are in need. We would “lodge” there in Old Faithful’s care. Our hearts could trust Old Faithful to be there for us. Will you join us?

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  1. Ann OConnor says:

    Good reminder to remember what God has done!

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