6-19-19 Word in Due Season

sunbeam-3721749__340 In order for you to increase and enter and possess the land God has promised your forefathers for you, you must believe and obey My voice. It may not make sense at times because My ways are higher and I am giving you the mind of Christ where you no longer lean on your own understanding. Conventional wisdom will die. You have been tested to see what was in your heart so that in the end it would go well with you. Your message and story derived from this experience will help many coming in your path. I am releasing a new promise to you. I will put my laws and commands on your heart and mind. (Heb. 10:16) You are coming into a place where all will be provided. I want to restore all that was lost. For I am your Redeemer, your shield, your very great reward!

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2 Responses to 6-19-19 Word in Due Season

  1. Charish says:

    wow. After a rough couple of years things have been transitioning (for the better) but with many areas out of our hands requiring alot of faith. Perfect timing to read this. Thank you, Holly, you’re always so full of wisdom.

    • hollysmith says:

      Thanks Charish, so glad it hit you right where you are and encouraged you! It’s a new season! love and prayers Holly

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