You Can’t Fail

Consider the contrast between well done, you good and faithful servant and you wicked lazy servant! Even though the passage in Matt. 25:23 refers to money it can also apply to our talents which were given to another when we weren’t productive with what we had been given. Taking ownership of our talents is often frightening and risky. It takes work, practice, prayer, resources, and grace to overcome the fear of failure that the lazy servant gave in to. He was not chastised for being afraid. We are all afraid when we try something new. He was chastised for not confronting his fear and trying the best he could. Not confronting our fear denies the grace of God and insults both his giving of the gift and his grace to sustain us while we are learning. (Dr. Henry Cloud)

Never imagine that what you do for others or what you do in private doesn’t matter. It counts more than we know. God watches how we steward what is not our own before He entrusts us with more.

You can’t fail. God has ordained victory for you, and victory it will be. It may not seem that way at this time because of your torment. You must no longer permit concerns that have plagued you to lay claim to any of your spiritual “real estate”. They are squatters and God demands eviction.

God has made you “lactose intolerant” and you can no longer digest “milk”. You need to call women and men up to a life of purpose and sacrifice and meat for the mature who through constant practice discern good and evil. They won’t have purpose without sacrifice!!

God is going to astound you and make you astounding!

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