The Humble will be Exalted

This is the time when the humble will be exalted. Those in the back will come forward to instruct and change places with those currently in authority. Those in authority cannot learn what God wants to teach them in the limelight. This will be a season when they will sit on the bench. Get ready to sharpen your swords -be ready with the word in and out of season for it will surely come-first as a still, small voice or whisper then as a megaphone to reach a broader audience and those on the periphery. Your gift will make a way for you! Some of you will experience a wilderness season but it will be a “Place of the speaking” and will be the season your ministry is derived from. God will speak tenderly to you and restore your fruitfulness and your whole life will have meaning and purpose for those God has planned to reach through you! Others of you have gone through your desert and will come up from the wilderness leaning on your Beloved-you won’t lean on your own understanding anymore. Your Valley of Achor will become your door of hope. (Hosea 2:14-15)

Fan into flame your gift-step out, practice-you will be a preparer of the Way for the Lord-remove the stones and obstacles so women can come into their full inheritance in the Lord. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise ends up winning the race-by steady plodding along-help the turtles, the stragglers and bring them along under your umbrella so we can all take off together in the corporate jet!

Couldn’t get this song out of my head this morning:
Here are a few lines from this old song by Peter and Gordon:


Woman, do you love me?
Woman, if you need me then
Believe me I need you
To be my woman.

And you know how much I love you
Woman, don’t forsake me
Woman, if you take me then
Believe me I’ll take you
To be my woman.

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