Prayer for Wholeness

Be yourself, Free Yourself, Then you can see yourself-

Graham Nashhula hoop fun-”Songs for Beginners”

When some part of you wasn’t accepted growing up, we tend to discard it and separate from it. Later we realize that is the very part that our giftedness is derived from, our real authenticity. Let’s learn to be ourselves again.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for making each one of us unique with a purpose and mission only we can fulfill. Forgive us for comparing to another which only distracts and delays our own destiny. Help us bless others and their contribution to the Body. Help us to go home in our hearts and recapture parts of ourselves that may have been discarded. Demolish defense mechanisms and false selves that can harm us. Set us free to be all you made us to be. Help us embrace our lost parts again, becoming whole and authentic. Connect our minds back to our hearts and help us put feet to our goals, relying on You for our strength. Restore the joy of our salvation and our childlike faith again. Amen

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