Word in Due Season -Fire Starter

At Pentecost, a violent wind filled the place where they were sitting. (Acts. 2:2) That wind was from heaven. Ru-ach in Hebrew means wind, Spirit, breath.

There is a violent wind blowing into the country right now, but as at Pentecost it will bring fiery zeal to the people of God.

You are to be a fire starter. Your zeal must ignite these God is sending to you. The ashes of our life are simply the last traces of the fire God has used to consume any indulgences, fears or doubts you formerly battled.

Breath in the new thing God is sending. Exhale any hyper vigilance, self-awareness, strife.
“Sit silently with Me.” I am bringing the desires of your heart. There is a whirlwind coming and with it, I will stir the nations, but to you I come in a still small voice.
You have an indomitable spirit.

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