Impression 9-27-18

You will have a mountaintop experience with me that will set in motion all the things I’ve promised you. For you will not only do what the Father is doing but you will do more because Jesus is with me but I send the Holy Spirit to empower you and be able to accomplish the impossible through you! For nothing is impossible with me-Refresh yourselves in the word for I draw from this library I have planted in you but I will carry you along by the Holy Spirit and you will speak and it will come into being. Bpeople-2568954__340elieve what you speak are my very words-you don’t need to interpret them-I will interpret them for each one who seeks me. For this gift is presently in you and will surely come about even more powerfully as you practice and you will speak your testimony in the great assembly-it is already fore-ordained. Step into all I have for you and don’t look back for what is man? Man is like grass but I do care for him and I will accomplish what my word is sent to do through him. You will bring me glory as you touch my people and build faith again because surely I do heal, deliver and transform lives by my spirit.

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