Faith Without Works is Dead

God is about building character. He gives us a model or example to follow in the stories of the Bible. Sometimes the Patriarch’s mistakes can be the greatest lessons to know what not to do.
There comes a time when God tests your love for him just as he did with Abraham and Isaac. We must come to a place of putting him first above our kids, spouse and family. He loves them more than we do and knows what is best for them since he sees their future. We must relinquish them to him lest we get in the way of God’s correction as well as blessing. He must become their God with their own experience of faith not just their parents’ belief. It is hard for us to let go sometimes like Job who kept offering sacrifices for his children’s sins. As each person comes of age, they must deal with God face to face and have their own “Peniel” or wrestling over control and governing of their lives. Faith without works is dead. What is the work or deed in this situation that leads to faithdesert road? Dedicating our kids and loved ones back to God so he can give them back to us eventually as whole and redeemed people with their own faith and awareness of their identity in Christ.

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