“Did God Really Say…?”

Yesterday in a moment of weakness and lack of purpose, my husband and I began to question our journey-mainly because of the length of the trials and by looking at the prosperity of some who seem to have everything going for them. There was something in God’s word in I Timothy which brought me back to reality and the true meaning and fulfillment in life.

I Timothy 6:6-12
The greatest “profit” is to have the awe of God. Godliness with contentment is great gain. To have our necessities met is enough. For you, son of man, chase after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and humility. Fight the good fight of faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called… Don’t rely on your wealth but be willing to share and be generous and be rich in good works.

Does doubt ever creep into your life? If so, we often go back to satan’s question in the garden-“Did God really say?” In my case, did God really say for me to work on my writing, meet with people to counsel and believe Him for provision? I want to be obedient but it sometimes feels like I’m swimming upstream. I believe He has provided and will continue to in some manner but it’s not always as much as we desire or think we need to feel secure, is it? Can you relate? Whatever God is saying to you is what you should do but often we ask, “Did God really say?…”

We have to continually depend on Him and that runs completely opposite to our independent and proud nature. We get trapped by greed and our own desires. Wanting more actually pushes us away from faith. What or who are we trusting in? In the midst of these double-minded thoughts-I heard God ask a question-“What do you need money for?” What a funny question! Truly I wasn’t hurting or in need at the moment. What do I need money for-to be more self-indulgent? After all I was just given a trip to the mountains.

One of the days while on my short trip to Colorado, my friend and I were walking around the square in town and saw an artistic jewelry store going out of business. My friend was having fun trying on things and delighted at the lowered prices. She ended up buying several items. I resisted thinking I better just be happy to have necessities right now. I had been drawn to some pretty amber necklaces. When I got home my husband remarked that I should have bought something. That was a nice gesture since he knew our finances were tight. Next my sister gifted me with two amber necklaces which went with the earrings I already had to make a set! The nicest thing was she didn’t want any money for them and they were prettier than the ones I had resisted in the store. God outdid Himself again in His generosity and blessing. Does He care about the little things? Yes!

Another time on the trip I know I had angels watching over me. I accidentally left my iphone on the counter at a gas station while getting an iced tea to sustain me in my 13 hour drive. A Christian woman working at the station had my phone in safekeeping and actually fed exed it to me in 2 days! God was even covering my careless mistakes. Would I really like to be on my own and running my own life again? No!

I’m afraid my life would be a disaster! I’m grateful for Paul’s words to Timothy this morning and am glad to be in God’s watch care and following Him. After all, He is going to give you more than you could ask or imagine. So be content with what you have! Therein is great treasure, reward and peace to rest at night. You’ve got this, God! I’m yours! I want to be like Mary who treasured and pondered all these things in her heart andIMG_1214 said, “ I am the Lord’s servant, may His word to me be fulfilled.”

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