Let God Speak Through You

Western civilization tries to process everything mentally instead of waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal it to the heart and show us mysteries of God in the unseen realm. If it’s in the heart, we will know it. If it’s in the head, we will only know about it. (The Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone) We tend to gather information then try to produce the spiritual life but it won’t happen until you experience the truth in real life and it is revealed to you in the Spirit. Then I can know that I know that I know and can testify about it while in union with the Spirit to express it.

Last Friday night I experienced the rest of God. I had been sick with a flu bug for a couple of weeks just recovering when I was asked to give a snippet of my testimony. I accepted reluctantly and thought about what I’d speak about all week. I had been so concerned about my health that I had no anxiety about my talk especially since it would be brief.  I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me and include what He wanted to include. There was a calm peace that came over me as I expressed my brief talk. I was able to elaborate in ways I hadn’t before. I was never able to pause and actually think past the sometimes rote teaching I was remembering of the “facts”. What a change and real sincere breakthrough. The Holy Spirit with me and in me is my hope of glory. I had rested in Him. When we’ve exhausted all of our library of Christian literature of how to be spiritual in frustration and have come to the end of ourselves, then we are ready to be taught by the Holy Spirit.IMG_0462

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  1. ANN O’Connor says:

    That is a really good one Holly!

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