The Epic Battle

There’s an epic battle going on,
We must become aware,
Lest we be left behind and fall
To its accusing faire.

In the past these enemies were giants, larger than life-
Now they attack invisibly, but still put up a fight.
They come to wound, distract, steal, and often bring a scare,
We must learn to defend ourselves-
Or risk falling to despair.

Our God, who created us,
Allowed an enemy to live,
Equipping us for battle;
Forming a weapon that’s fit.

We become strong in battle and overcome his taunts;
We refuse the accusations through our alert response.
Besides the sword for battle-
Praise and presence guards our lives;
God is our refuge and we speak His truth to survive.

We then become a channel for God to indwell,
The beauty of the battle is breaking chains of hell.
We now stand in courage with our shield of faith held high,
And do not shrink in fear
When flaming arrows come darting by.

We’re crowned as His daughters,
No longer afraid,
Discerning his schemes,
So others may be brave.

We now display the strength and weapon we’ve become,
That we would run to the battle to free others for the Son.

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