Hi, I’m Holly. Welcome to my site! I’m so glad you’re here.

“A Gentle Spirit with a Giant Message, is how I describe Holly Smith. Women are drawn to her message because of her genuine love for Christ and her transparency portrayed in her testimony. The message Holly shares thru ‘The Cracked Pot’ will touch and bring freedom to women of all generations. She shares God’s message with a passionate commitment to change the lives of others in a positive way. She recently spoke at a Powerful Journey Women’s Conference. The evidence of the power in her message was shown as her session quickly filled with standing room only. As God continues to do a great work through Holly, she will be an added bonus to any program.”

—  Phyllis Jenkins,   Powerful Journey

“I believe God’s ultimate aim is to cause you to conquer your greatest fear. He does this by exposing the lie you believed. One lie is to look to yourself for ability and deliverance. I didn’t need a master’s degree to follow my Master’s decree to my destiny.”
— Holly Smith

  • Scripture Pondering for Transformation

    How do you solve the dilemma of feeling a lack or weakness in an area of your life? We’ve learned as Christians that we are not really to go by what we think or feel but by the Word of God, so we pray. But if persistent prayer has not completely conquered this weakness yet, what can we do?

    While discussing this with my husband one morning, I told him the only thing that ever worked for me in combination with prayer was to meditate and ponder a scripture until it becomes part of you. Here is what I do. Focus on the area or quality you want to improve. Find a verse with the desired result and paste it to the area of need as the remedy. By that I mean, every time I am faced throughout my day with this insufficiency, I ask the Holy Spirit to make a change in me according to this verse in this area.

    I began to recall every breakthrough that had come my way through this method and recited them to my husband. When I pondered John 8:32, (“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”), God revealed what I needed to do for Him to set me free at that time. I was to get rid of all offenses even things not my fault. Next, I pondered Rom. 8:28 about turning things for good and God turned a difficult situation into salvation for another. Romans 8:1 reminded me there is no condemnation in Christ and we are not to receive it from another. John 12:32 reminded me to honor Christ and He will draw people to Himself through us. I John 3:1 gave me a deposit of His love that I would never doubt again that I was His child now despite my past. I Cor. 1:5 informed me I have all I need for speaking and knowledge because of my testimony in Him; Eph. 6:19 that I will be given words to fearlessly make known His gospel; John 14:26 that the Holy Spirit will teach me what I need to know and remind me of everything He has already taught me.

    Whether the verse delivered courage, love, confidence, boldness, honor, or understanding; each gave a desired result. This process may take a week or even a month of pressing in and ruminating over a scripture and asking God for belief for this new strength.

    What do you need? What areas need fortitude or revelation? Find the verse that answers that question in your life. Meditate on it day and night until the Holy Spirit makes it alive, active and true in your life.

    When God’s Word goes out, it does not return empty but accomplishes what He desires and achieves the purpose for which He sends it. (Is. 55:11) As you keep your focus and draw close, remember that whatever you ask in faith, He will do for you. (John 15:7)

  • Life in the Spirit -Word in Due Season

    Is. 42:1 Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight. I will put My spirit on him and he will bring justice to the nations.

    You are my witnesses; when I act, who can reverse it? I have chosen you and formed you and I knew all the crooked paths you would take until I had My way. You experienced My uplifted hand against you at times as I was testing and refining you. A whole group of My people will be going into a desert season. They are blind to My ways but I have sent you ahead to show the way of obedience and to know I AM the only one who can make streams in the desert and connect my purposes and blessings to My people. They will learn to lean on Me and My guidance. Help My people surrender and be led by the Spirit. I have great mysteries and treasure in store for those who choose My way. A great line of demarcation is being drawn right now! Help My people come to My side and defeat the enemies in their lives! Be My messenger toimages-1 remove the obstacles! I will go with you!

  • Sail On, Silver Girl!

    A few lines of a song kept going through my head today from the lyrics of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel:

    “Sail on, silver girl, sail on by, your time has come to shine,

    All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine?

    If you need a friend, I’m sailing right behind

    Like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease your mind.”

    On closer inspection I discovered that silver girl refers to Paul Simon’s wife, Peggy Harper, who found a few gray hairs and was upset. These lyrics touched me as Paul encourages her to press on, keep going, for your time has come and your dreams are on their way. Do you see them shine? He lets her know if she needs a friend and support, he’s got her back side and just like a bridge he will be there to help her over troubled water and ease her mind.

    I think that is what Jesus is saying to us, “Sail on!” Joel 2 promises God will pour out His Spirit on all people one day, redeem the years the locusts have eaten, and never again will you be shamed. Your dreams are still on their way. He’ll be your friend and carry you over rough waters. He is your inheritance, your very great reward. Go and take the land, gray hair and all. You are valuable at this time not only to still have your day but to pass the baton to the next generation in what you’ve learned and experienced.

    John 2:10 reminds us how most hosts at a wedding party bring the choice wine first and then when their taste is dulled, bring the cheaper wine but you have saved the best for last! Sail on, Silver girl, your time has come to shine. The best is yet to come!images-2

  • Word in Due Season 3-8-18

    We have this treasure in jars of clay that we might know that the all surpassing power is from God and not from us. II Cor. 4:7

    You are my letter to the world. My witness to what I have done in your lives. You know the time is near to reveal what I have hidden under the shadow of My wings. I have strengthened you-I will enable you to speak boldly on My behalf. I will confirm the words of my prophets who might ask-“Where have you been all this time?”
    “You have been with Me.” I know you have grown weary at times but I have a unique timing for your appearance to prepare the way for others. Store up all you can of My word and your testimony because when I touch and anoint you-you can pour it out by My spirit. You are the aroma of death to those who are perishing but to those who are being saved the aroma of life. I have called you for such a time as this to reveal My glory because surely it is already written in my books of your destiny. Psalm 9:1 “I will tell of all your wonders.”12080971_10206667323193578_105335597_n

  • Word in Due Season

    sunset-field-poppy-sun-prirodaGod is expanding your territory in this season; you will be His mouthpiece. Get your testimony ready! Whatever can be shaken will be shaken and removed but whatever remains will be firm and steadfast in His kingdom. Those who have given their permission will receive their limp this year. Just like Jacob, they will cease striving and surrender to depend on God in ways they haven’t before and enter His rest, following by His Spirit.