Hi, I’m Holly. Welcome to my site! I’m so glad you’re here.

“A Gentle Spirit with a Giant Message, is how I describe Holly Smith. Women are drawn to her message because of her genuine love for Christ and her transparency portrayed in her testimony. The message Holly shares thru ‘The Cracked Pot’ will touch and bring freedom to women of all generations. She shares God’s message with a passionate commitment to change the lives of others in a positive way. She recently spoke at a Powerful Journey Women’s Conference. The evidence of the power in her message was shown as her session quickly filled with standing room only. As God continues to do a great work through Holly, she will be an added bonus to any program.”

—  Phyllis Jenkins,   Powerful Journey

“I believe God’s ultimate aim is to cause you to conquer your greatest fear. He does this by exposing the lie you believed. One lie is to look to yourself for ability and deliverance. I didn’t need a master’s degree to follow my Master’s decree to my destiny.”
— Holly Smith

  • Planting Good Thought Seeds for Transformation

    1381807_10202267073102018_1149318027_nSometimes our thought patterns accumulated over time produce action and quality of life. On the other hand, sometimes our thinking has produced stagnation or mediocrity. If we believed that everything we were going through is preparation to be used in our future and for our good-we would change our outlook. Think of where each of us might be if we actually planted good thought seeds. Then we would reap what we were choosing to believe and what God says about us. What if you actually believed in yourself and were kind, affirming and loving in your thoughts toward yourself? What if you guarded your thoughts and thought on good, pleasant, prospering things and the talents, gifts God has given you-not the failure, frustration, regret, or self-sabotaging thoughts you might be allowing in? Then you would reap the result of those good thoughts.

    Why don’t we believe what we know hypothetically to be true? We need to remember that the works God prepared in advance for us to do crucify our flesh. God uses these difficulties to open us up for change and transformation.

    Position yourself in faith so God can open doors of opportunity. The changes and brokenness you have endured have positioned you for a new beginning. What has been torn down and broken has made a way for the Spirit’s enablement. Put the past behind you. God is doing a new thing-do you not perceive it? He is making a way in the desert, streams in the wasteland! It is never too late to achieve God’s purpose and hope in His kingdom!

  • Renewal


    I am reminded today of a dream from the past. I believe it could apply to all of us.

    I am running a horse out of our house. I quit feeding it. The horse was fine and would find food in a pasture but would no longer be my “pet”.

    Next scene:
    A photographer was filming an eagle going through a molting process. In the end the eagle had brand new feathers and would soar again.

    horse-represents striving in our own strength and effort
    quit feeding it-I had starved this fleshly tendency and it would find food elsewhere
    Despite the great strength of this animal, it cannot save or deliver me in my circumstances. (Ps. 33:17)
    driving it out of our “house”-we are each the house or temple of God-no longer relying on our own abilities to save us

    Next scene interpretation:
    eagle symbol-clear perception, supernatural transportation, high flying, ability of the mind to reach spiritual realms
    molting process-an eagle gets very scruffy and weak before the old is sloughed off and the new plumage comes in for renewal

    Do you want to drive the horse out of your house and let your weakness give way to God’s strength? Do you believe you can be renewed as you hope and trust in the Lord? Are you in a “molting” process and getting ready for new feathers? Would you like to run and not grow weary? (Is. 40:31) Then you are about to birth your “Isaac”, the most excellent, chosen, child of faith and promise by His Spirit.

    Let’s drive the horse out of our houses, rest in the Lord and in the land He has granted us. We will abide in His supernatural ability to soar to new heights as we become empowered to walk by His Spirit. You are about to experience in this new year the great exchange: His power for our weakness and dependence. Sounds like a fair deal! Are you ready?

    May I pray for you?
    Lord, if your presence and power do not go with us, we do not want to go. Only by your presence can we be distinguished as your people. Fill us, change us, renew our minds in the truth of your Word that we may make the great exchange: your power and strength for our weakness! Help us to depend on you for all we do that the aroma of Christ might follow us and we might be recognized as your representatives. We stand on this scripture: “My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest.” (Exodus 33:14)

    Help us to accomplish all the things you have planned through us! Amen

  • What did you go out in the desert to See?

    What did you go out in the desert to see-a reed swayed by the wind? (Luke 7:24 NIV) John the Baptist as a child grew and became strong in spirit; and he lived in the desert until he appeared publicly in Israel. (Luke 1:80) Solitude with God in the desert was his school. He gained the lessons and experiences needed to verify his beliefs, listened to God’s voice, and became forthright to resist an unbelieving world and shun popularity for the cause of the kingdom. No, you didn’t go out to see a flimsy reed tossed and turned with every wind but a prophet who would prepare the way for the Lord who was coming to baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. What do you need to do to firm up your reed and prepare the way?


  • Old Faithful

    -n2oUWXb9FIRYb6NnKxdC4lmEwfOGNygcl8RsRJSlYS8idCIf0quDHD1jVxfQEoFMILGGg=s127“A horse is a vain hope for deliverance; despite all its strength it cannot save. But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.”
(Ps. 33:17)

    This experience happened a few years ago but I was reminded of God’s faithfulness. The horse has served as a symbol to us often of man’s own strength and striving. My husband was trying to provide for his family but the more he tried, the more unsuccessful he became until God had our attention. It seems when God wants to recruit you in His army He won’t take later for an answer. He heals us in order for us to become disciples and help others and teaches us to trust Him for provision.

    As we pondered the “dead horse” of our vocation, a ministry opportunity came up which Alan accepted. We were fortunate in working from the house to be able to do projects on the side. He was still very concerned about our finances at the time.

    One morning our friend in ministry called to check on us. Alan told him he was still anxious. Jack said he had been thinking about us this morning and prayed that an angel of provision was on its way. We agreed with that prayer.

    Three days later Alan’s boss called and let us know a deal had closed that he had worked on much earlier and a check was in the mail. We realized his boss did not really have to even tell Alan that he was the one who had this client. We would have never known. A deal closed that was not even our effort to push it through. In the meantime as he began to serve more, God blessed us and helped us trust Him to work out things for our family.

    That night I had a dream: we got to take a trip to Yellowstone, Montana at that time which is one of our favorite places. We drove into the National Park to see Old Faithful perform. We would then stay at Old Faithful lodge.
God is the Old Faithful geyser we are coming to see perform His wonders. He is faithful and consistently meets us when we are in need. We would “lodge” there in Old Faithful’s care. Our hearts could trust Old Faithful to be there for us. Will you join us?

  • Where is Your Treasure?

    IMG_2538 2 Not until we returned to Texas from living in Kansas City for 2 years did we notice a lot of the people in Texas had the same bondage we formerly had of acquiring things to anesthetize themselves and avoid their issues. There seemed to be a spirit of materialism over Texas compared to the tradition over Kansas City. I met a girl in my gym working out one day who was a Christian. She openly admitted she was a bit of a shopoholic. She loved to buy clothes but she said that when her focus and priorities were askew, God would deal with her by sending a moth that would fly around and land on her clothes. She was unable to swat it and it was a real nuisance. To tell the truth that seemed like a wild story to me.

    The next day, however, I saw her again at the gym and sure enough, the moth arrived with her and was landing on her. I looked up moth in the dictionary and found that not only does it eat clothes but it is attracted to artificial light. Interesting… When I got right next to her, it would not alight on me. Perhaps I had been delivered from that mindset after our experience in Kansas City.

    Amy shared that her sons were about to go to Christian camp for a week. She admitted to them her story about the moth chasing her because of her wrong priorities. When they returned from camp, they told Amy the leader’s lesson was taken from Matt. 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourself treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy but store up for yourself treasures in heaven for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” The leader stated the fact that sometimes we see others that have more than us and we think the grass looks greener. Nevertheless, he said, it is not real or lasting. It is fake, like astroturf and only the treasures of heaven and Go’s kingdom are eternal.

    Amy told the boys that they were going to take a trip to New Jersey to visit her sister, her husband and their cousins. They lived on a nice ranch. Since her sister and husband were wealthy, Amy wanted to prepare the boys to remember the kingdom lessons they were learning so they would not be jealous of their cousins. However, during their stay Amy’s sister ordered something that was delivered almost daily by the UPS truck to her kids. One day it was new cellphones, the next day the latest x-box and other toys. Amy’s youngest son was pacing in his room with his hand to his head talking aloud to himself, “It’s not real, not lasting, astroturf, astroturf, astroturf…”

    Funny as that is we need to seriously change our mindsets and seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added also.

    May I pray for you?

    Dear Lord, Show us your kingdom and rebuild us in Your image. Just like the men on Emmaus Road help our eyes to be opened to recognize Jesus and help us to surrender to His rule and reign in our lives. Help us not to be envious of those around us with more material things but to have your kingdom and ways as the treasure in our hearts and focus. In Jesus name, Amen.